BST Collective Intake

Our main intake occurs at the beginning of the calendar year. However, every quarter we re-evaluate the group and may accept new members at that time.

Our application can be found here.


The BST Collective requires an non-refundable annual $25 membership fee due upon acceptance into the collective. All members must renew their BST Collective membership annually. The annual renewal period begins December 1st each year and concludes December 31st.

In addition to your membership dues, a $10 meeting fee is charged for the meetings you attend.

Membership Requirements

The BST Collective holds monthly meetings for its members on the fourth Saturday of every month.

Part of the magic behind the BST Collective is the fact that each member will be surrounded by other women who are also aggressively working towards accomplishing their goals. This energy creates positive momentum that can be felt by the entire group.

We all understand that life happens, however we strive to maintain the laser focus necessary to reach the lofty goals established at the beginning of the membership cycle.

Each quarter the membership group will be evaluated. If there are any members that miss 2 or more meetings within each 4 month period, or who are not actively working towards any of the goals they've set, they will be removed from the group. Depending on the amount of time left within the annual year, they will be given an opportunity to rejoin when they are ready to continue.

Are You Interested in Joining the Collective?

The BST Collective is currently accepting membership for 2019. Applications must be submitted by 1/17/2019.