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Our Approach

The BST Collective is a women’s group that focuses on goal setting, accountability, development & achievement. "BST" stands for "blood, sweat & tears" because that's exactly what it takes to reach the goals you've only dreamed of.

We believe that by being apart of a group of women that are all working towards meeting their goals, it facilitates an environment for change.

Have you ever felt unmotivated? Or wished you had a mentor to help you achieve your goals?

The beauty of the BST  Collective is that we all work together to leave no woman behind. Our goal is for us all to succeed!

Monthly Development Sessions

BST meets monthly to provide a safe forum to assist in establishing your goals, pool resources and work collectively to achieve weekly/monthly  milestones.

Private Accountability Group

Throughout the week you have the opportunity to participate in our private motivational online group. We share our progress, act as sounding board for obstacles, and provide encouragement to help you meet your goals.

Guest Speaker Q & A

Each month BST will provide a guest speaker who will talk about their journey to success including the obstacles, the pivotal moment that changed their trajectory and advice they would provide other trailblazers. During this time you have the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice pertaining to your own goals.

Meet the Creator

The BST Collective was created by Jervishia Walker in 2018. As someone who thrives on goal setting and planning, she knows the pitfalls that women face when working alone. After creating a strategic planning process during a work trip to the Philippines, Jervishia was able to tackle a substantial chunk of her debt while still saving money, lose 50 pounds and work on her online brand- all in less than 3 months.  During this process she dreamed of creating a group that helped other women do the same and thus the BST Collective was born.

Jervishia Walker

Jervishia Walker


Are You Interested in Joining the Collective?

The BST Collective is currently accepting membership for 2019. Applications must be submitted by 1/17/2019.