This meeting will focus on establishing our goals and creating our vision boards. There will not be a speaker this month.



Andrea Robinson is a native of South Florida. She was born the oldest of five children. She is married to Elder Jamal L. Robinson, and they have four beautiful children (Jamari, Tyler, Jaylin, Preston and their four-legged babies Sasha and AJ).

She was born and raised in the Blanche Ely Estates Projects in Pompano Beach were she used education as her exit strategy! She entered Blanche Ely High School’s Medical Science Magnet Program with the goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. Andrea obtained her high school diploma and was prepared to sit for her boards as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) upon high school graduation, instead she decided to attend South Carolina State University and she graduated in 2002 with several awards and honors (Cum Laude, Who’s Who among American Colleges and Universities and Presidential Scholar to name a few). Andrea received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing with a minor in Biology Pre-Medicine, and has continued learning every since.

Professionally Andrea currently works for Holy Cross Hospital, where she gets to work and serve her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! She is an Oncology nurse and also a Graduate of Holy Cross’s prestigious Legacy Leader Program. Through her career over the past 15 years Andrea has had many professional experiences all of which have made her who she is today.

Andrea’s passions for kingdom building, education and empowerment have helped forged her into her true calling for kingdom ministry. Because of this love God gave her an assignment and in 2016 she decided to “Answer The Call.” Because of her willingness to follow Christ she is the Founder and CEO of P.E.A.R.L.ofWisodm Inspirations, which has helped to foster personal, professional and spiritual growth and development for followers across this world. She is destined to follow the will that God has for her life as she strives for better.